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Wholesale Jewellery

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Many a giftware shop just isn’t complete without an eye-catching display of jewellery – at equally eye-catching prices. Dormar Indents is your dependable partner in sourcing great wholesale jewellery and bling to make your display sparkle.

The jewellery scene is a fast-moving one. To stay ahead of the latest trends requires a gruelling round of trade fairs, and the formation of lasting relationships with overseas suppliers. And that’s what we do at Dormar Indents – so you don’t have to. We take the stress out of maintaining your jewellery display in prime condition, with a fantastic range of hard-to-walk-past items that will fly out of your door.

Take a look at our incredible range of wholesale jewellery by famous names like Equilibrium:

Necklaces – we carry an extensive range of necklaces – silver-plated crystal-crusted necklaces for all ages, carrying the engraved sentiments of the giver.

Bangles & Bracelets – our catalogue of bangles and bracelets runs from fun to fantastic and on to high fashion, with a fine range of contemporary designs.