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Wholesale Giftware

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If your business relies on finding exciting, novel and beautifully made giftware for your retail display, look no further. You don’t have to do the hard slog around the trade fairs looking for fresh ideas in giftware – because Dormar Indents have done it for you! With our commitment to bringing the best of wholesale giftware and decorations to Australia’s retailers, and an eye for giftware developed over many decades in the business, we are your dependable partner in giftware supplies.

Take a moment to browse our wholesale giftware catalogue. You’ll find gifts for every category, including:

  • Featured artists producing paintings, figurines and wall art.
  • Gifts for the young ones – babies and toddlers are captivated by our photo frames, box books, money banks and much more. And they love our delightful range of kids’ furniture.
  • Display Signs and cabinets – including our display cabinet with glass shelves and internal lights, but also up-to-the-minute LED writing boards.
  • Divinity – we’ve got a great selection of Buddha imagery, candle holders and figurines, as well as every kind of angel figurine you can imagine.
  • Farmyard themes – traditional and caricature figurines and dioramas of farmyard animals.
  • Garden – as well as stocking every variety of the dear old garden gnome, we can help your customers create a whole world in their gardens with cute ideas that will amaze the gnomes!
  • Special Occasions – that’s what gifts are all about, after all! Celebrate a 21st or mark a wedding with themed giftware or a beautifully framed photo. And when those anniversaries come around, drink one another’s health from a commemorative champagne flute from our collection.
  • Boys and Girls of all Ages – we’ve got gifts suitably themed for boys and for girls – whatever their age!

With Dormar Indents as your wholesale supplier, your giftware display will really sparkle, and your customers will come back again and again.